Walk in the footsteps of the rebellious Prisoner, Paragrapher and Pretty Mary – who has broken the dwarflaw? Who has been punished?

paragrafekSoon we will reach the end of the program of holiday weekend trips in the footsteps of the Wroclaw dwarfs. Meanwhile, for those who are still hungry for stories about these small residents of Wroclaw, we have prepared another virtual walking tour. We encourage you to try it yourself at any time.

Paragrapher can be found in the building of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Wroclaw. The dwarf is vigilant and observes the entire city. It is a natural instinct for him, because dwarfs are rather famous for their sense of duty, truthfulness and justice. In general, they are role models, though there are also some villains among them.

WięziennikNot without reason, therefore, in the immediate vicinity of Paragrapher, Prisoner is suffering his punishment. You thought that they are so close to each other by chance? Ha! Far from that. Paragrapher deliberately placed Prisoner just around the corner, on Więzienna Street, making it impossible for him to commit further offences against dwarflaw. What did he do? A long time ago he was reported to have committed the indecent act of shaving his beard. He tried to excuse himself by claiming “difficult age of adolescence,” and western dwarfashion, which demanded abandoning not only the beard, but also the hats! Paragrapher explained and admonished: “Replace the hat, leave the beard alone, our race is a showcase of the city: how are you going to proudly represent the community of Wroclaw dwarfs, and above all – how will you be visible to children? Without beards and hats you are not even similar to a dwarf! They will confuse you with a gnome!” thundered Paragrapher.

These were difficult times. Dwarfs were young and rebellious, so Paragrapher came up with the idea of asking Souvenir for a new trendy hat for Prisoner. Souvenir can be found at 3 Market Square. For years he has traded in the same place. He used to offer a somewhat different assortment. At this time, he had Italian, German and Parisian hats – with pom-poms, tassels and on the lining, but when Paragrapher heard their price – he immediately ran to Banker for a loan.

Panna PychotkaBanker can be found just a few meters from Souvenir, at 8 Market. Paragrapher then asked him for a loan of 1000 dwarfpounds. “How much?” exclaimed the surprised Banker. “We have not got that amount in the whole bank” he added, annoyed. Paragrapher had to convince him that this loan is an investment in the good name of the Wroclaw dwarf and not unnecessary expenditure on luxury gown. Banker finally admitted that Paragrapher might be right and he gave him all 900 dwarfpounds. “That’s all we have so far from the tourists. Tell Souvenir that now he must bargain with foreign the dwarf traders”- instructed Banker.

Paragrapher took out the loan and was on his way to buy a brand new hat for Prisoner, but he remembered that before he does that he should go for a moment to the court on business. He did not expect what he would see! A weeping Pretty Mary, who normally can be found on 14 Sądowa Street, complained to him that Prisoner had first stolen her dumplings, and was now stealing dumplings from adult humans! This was too much for Paragrapher. He decided that instead of a new hat, Prisoner could do with a punishment. And so the greedy and uncouth Prisoner must work off the damage, acting on behalf of the whole community of dwarfs.