Traditions related to All Souls’ Day: Forefathers’ Eve, Samhain, Radunica

fot. Finding Josephine/ cc by 2.0/

fot. Finding Josephine/ cc by 2.0/

This will be a real lesson in multiculturalism connected with cultivating one’s own traditions. Children will learn the old ways and create lanterns to celebrate the upcoming feast of All Souls.

The All Souls’ Day meeting will be held on Saturday, October 17. From midday to 1 pm in the Archaeological Museum on 9 Cieszyńskiego Street, children will move into the world of mysterious ancient customs and rituals. During the archaeological exhibition they will learn how people used to say goodbye to their dead relatives, and how they celebrated Forefathers’ Eve, Samhain and Radunica. Some of these rituals have survived to this day.

Children will also be invited to participate in workshops where they will create lanterns that later they will be able to take with their parents to the graves of loved ones.

Information about places available and booking by phone: 347 16 96 int. 320. Tickets for 5 PLN are available for purchase at the box office of Archaeological Museum (City Arsenal).