There are almost 400 of them! Behind the scenes of the creation of a new dwarf!

Zloty Pies_krasnal_7Before dwarfs appear on the streets of Wroclaw, they are treated with hot wax, a mixture of gypsum sand and high temperatures. One of the new dwarfs stands by the Golden Dog Brewery and is accompanied by a French bulldog.

The dwarf and the dog were created by Beata Zwolańska-Hołod. She is the designer of more than 100 of the 385 dwarfs that are in the city (at the end of February 2016). “From the very beginning each dwarf has its unique personality and its own story to tell. My job is to prepare them for life in Wroclaw,” says the artist.

Both the dwarf and his canine companion hold glasses of beer, because in the building there is a brewery and a restaurant. Residents of the city have recently chosen names for them – Hoppy and Suds the Dog.

I have never made a dwarf with a dog before, even more so a dwarf who cheers with a dog. As for the company of animals, I have only created the dwarf called Panoramist, who rides a horse in front of the Racławice Panorama, like Kosciuszko” adds Beata Zwolańska-Holod.

The newbies will live from February 24 by the Under the Golden Dog tenement in the Market Square. Visit them often!