The three merry dwarfs – an extraordinary spectacle in Capitol Theatre

Pirnt Screen, źródło:

Pirnt Screen, źródło:

December 4 and 6 will be the last opportunities to see a musical about the adventures of three colorful dwarfs: Bluey, Yellowy and Wildberry. The show is sung, will be accompanied by live music performed by the Micromusic band.

“The three merry dwarfs” consists of 10 adventures, written and illustrated in the 1930s by the Swedish author of children’s books, Einar Norelius. The story was translated into Polish by L.J. Wirski, and Jan Brzechwa wrote a poem based on this translation. The head of the theater, and director of the show – Konrad Imiela – enriched the text with several original plots, and in doing so he has created a performance that will delight children with fairytale scenography and adults – with a layer of music created a band they certainly know – Micromusic.

The dwarfs will fly to the moon, dive, rent wind and graze ladybirds, organize a jousting tournament and a rock concert. There will be plenty of adventures and light humor. The creators of the show ensure that at the end of it the audience will believe in dwarfs and it is very likely that a long time after they will be still humming the refrain: “When a dwarf is young, he does not yet have a beard. He does not worry about things, he only plays and sings “.

Details about tickets can be found on the organizer’s website.

Take a look at excerpts from the preparations for the musical: