The Secret of a Research Office- spectacle

On Sunday, October 16, in the Wroclaw Centre for Children’s Creativity, there will be a spectacle performed by the Children’s Repertoire Theatre entitled The Secret of a Research Office, directed by Katarzyna Łuczyńska.
teatrThe spectacle is a journey through a fantasy world and it is based on a work by Ewa Kaja Perkowska titled The Hole – the Secret of a Scientific Office. The show consists not only in an interesting history, but also thrilling choreography and singing. Young actors will provide a good dose of humor and bring a little magic to the stage.
The spectacle will take place on Sunday, October 16, at 5 pm.
Duration: approx. 60 min
The show is designed for children over the age of four.
The project is supported by the Municipality of Wroclaw, in the framework of the Children’s Repertoire Theatre, Laboratory of Aesthetic and Social Sensitivity.
More information can be found on the organizer’s website: