The last “Morning in the WRO” of the year

On December 18, there will be the last Sunday morning in the WRO this year. The organizers have prepared winter and New Year themed attractions at the end of this year’s project.
pexels-photo-54200Projection Program:

What snow looks like

The amazing adventures of the greedy hippo Gucia and the prudent dog Caesar continue to entertain, charm and infect with a warm sense of humor.

Snow wars

How much snow! Mami, Doggie and Piglet decide do make a snowman. All it needs is a carrot to serve as a nose. But what a carrot, what a snowman, which suddenly comes to life and starts behaving badly! He throws snowballs and stirs up an avalanche. But there is a way to stop this naughty snowman – real spicy gaspacho should solve the problem.

If the goat did not jump

Oh, the goat … As soon as it appears on the screen, trouble is brewing. It is no different this time, when it appears at the ski jumping facility… Admittedly, the ski jumping season has begun, but hmm… Unfortunately skiing and ski jumping without practice risks various injuries. If the goat did not jump…

Colorful ray

Winter at Dobromir’s, of course, brings new challenges and room to maneuver. First of all, you need to make home warm again, and once it is, take the opportunity to discover the secrets of winter.
Free entrance. The event is organized in the WRO Art Center.