The city ruled by dwarfs!

parada krasnali (5)On 12th and 13th September at the Puppet Theater and the nearby Old Town Garden there will be the Wrocław Dwarf Festival. Admission to all events is free of charge.

Just like every year, the festival will begin with the Great Wrocław Dwarfs Parade, which will set off on September 12 at midday from the pillory. Every festival, children from Wrocław schools gather at the Market Square, where in colorful procession they move to the Old Town Garden, announcing the beginning of the festival of all dwarfs.

After such an inauguration there is time for fun! On the first day of the festival there will be an art competition for primary schools and kindergartens held in the Old Town Garden. Teams participating in the competition will decorate cardboard houses, and the winners will receive attractive prizes. There will be several zones making up the Great Village of Dwarfs in the park. Children will be able to feel as if they are in the world of Wrocław dwarfs, because all places will be presented to them by dwarfs. Among other attractions, the program features a workshop creating plaster casts of dwarfs (modeled on the figures of dwarfs from Wrocław), a photographic studio, and ornament and doll workshops.

On the next day, every hour from 11 am to 4 pm, the Summer Stage Puppet Theater offers performances according to an original project of students of the Wrocław Academy of Dramatic Arts – Igor Fijałkowski and Mateusz Brodowski. The program has been prepared especially for this year’s edition of the Wrocław Dwarfs Festival. At about 11.30 am there will start a family location-based game, in which the participants themselves become dwarfs – those wanting to participate in the game should sign up in advance (details on the festival website). The Great Village of Dwarfs will function all day with all the attractions. On this day dwarfs will also work on the physical strength of visitors of the Old Town Garden during two sessions of “dwarfitness”.

On the evening of September 13 there will be a great event for lovers of cabaret. Special galas held at the end of the Wrocław festival are permanently etched into the calendar of both the audience and the best performers of cabaret scene. At about 6.30 pm in the Puppet Theater there will be the Evening of Improvised Comedy. Comedy Improvisation is a new kind of entertainment show, currently conquering Poland. Everything that happens on stage is unplanned and spontaneous. Interestingly, the audience is the most important element in the whole venture as it determines how the action unfolds. Groups that will take part involve Warwani z Kontesktu, Improkracja. Małe Instrumenty will be the special guest of the evening. Incredible energy, funny actors, crazy ideas and interaction with the audience will guarantee unforgettable moments full of laughter! Tickets required.

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Admission to all events in the Old Town Garden is free of charge. Tickets for the Evening of Improvised Comedy at the Puppet Theater can be purchased for 15 PLN at the Tourist Information Center, 14 Market Square.