Surround yourself with Kindness on 21st of November!

The eighth Day of Kindness is approaching. Wrocław will become the capital of positivity, kindness to others and will promote sympathetic attitudes. You are kindly invited to participate and celebrate this day with us!

The idea of celebrating kindness was born spontaneously from opposition to the vulgarity of the world around us. On this day, all people are kind to each other and benevolence, respect for others and openness are promoted, not just for one day, but every day. Universities, schools, NGOs, companies and the media work together for this day to be the kindest and most friendly to everyone.


On 21st of November the official celebration of the Day of Kindness is planned. Every year, on this occasion, a new graphic project promoting this initiative is created. There are happenings, cultural events and concerts organized, but there will also be free hugs, a Kind Bus and flash mobs. There will be many attractions this year too!

In schools there are lectures and lessons on kindness, and in the city there are billboards, competitions and charity collections. Since 2006 the Day of Kindness has gathered around it an amazing community that creates a unique atmosphere.

The “Rooms of Kindness” campaign, initiated by the Association of Positive Thinking “”, was organized to promote the idea of the Day of Kindness. Charity auctions for the Wrocław hospice for children were conducted. The action attracts Wrocław restaurateurs and hoteliers, who offer its guests pleasant and friendly surprises on the day. The Well-Wisher Dwarf is the patron of everything and closely observes the events and the heartfelt hugs from his place on the market.

The Well-Wisher Dwarf mascot was also created along with cartoons and promotional materials: t-shirts, cards. In 2008, to celebrate the Day of Kindness, Śląsk Wrocław played a friendly match against Wisła Krakow, and the entire stadium cheered both teams in a friendly and sporting atmosphere.

Other cities in Poland get involved in this action. They also organize events to celebrate the Day of Kindness – Wrocław supports them with promotional materials. Wrocław dwarfs even appeared in Parliament with a message of kindness!

This year we have prepared plenty of surprises for you. The celebrations will last longer than one day, and among the events will be a location-based game.