St. Nicholas Street has its own celebration. Surprises for kids

For the tenth time the Wrocław Enthusiasts Association is organizing the Celebration of St. Nicholas Street. On 5th December there will be a wide range of activities waiting for kids.

At noon at the church of St. Elizabeth the bells will summon Santa Claus. He is likely to arrive and soon be treating children who gather in the square with sweets. Later the fun and performances begin – at 12.15 there will be a band from the Centre for Cultural Education for Children and Youth from Kołłątaja Street. There are many activities planned, for example: face painting, common dances, games including physical exercises, and of course, Santa Claus’ gifts.

At 1 pm there will be the final of the competition for St. Nicholas’ cap – the winners will be selected and given their prizes. It is possible to win a historic tram ride for the whole class, and other surprise gifts. Later there will be a concert of songs for Santa Claus. The end of the events is scheduled for 2 pm.