Professor Jan Miodek has his own dwarf. Are they alike?

A dwarf resembling professor Miodek will stand at the Institute of Polish Philology. However, before this happens, he is the property of the professor and lives with him. The dwarf figurine was created to celebrate the professor´s 70th birthday and the end of his teaching career.

Professor Miodek was the director of the Institute of Polish Philology of Wroclaw for almost three decades. During that time he became a symbol of Wroclaw and the most recognizable linguist and popularizer of the correct use of the Polish language. His retirement and birthday anniversary prompted the members of the Institute of Polish Philology at the University of Wroclaw to organize a reception at the Botanical Garden and an official farewell to the director of the institute. Apart from the huge cake, a small dwarf arrived on the spot.

We invite you to look at the pictures (source: Facebook Słownik polsko@polski).
Photo by Mariusz Przygoda; source: Facebook Słownik polsko@polski