Picnic on Mother’s Day will inaugurate the Month of the Family. Check out the upcoming attractions!

fot. Theresa Martell/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/ flickr.com

fot. Theresa Martell/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/ flickr.com

From May 24 to June 21, parents and children will be able to take advantage of free culinary, health, psycho-educational and educational workshops. Family Month will also feature picnics, sports activities and a chance to win tickets for cinemas or theaters.

This year, Family Month will be traditionally marked by family picnics on Słodowa Island. They are scheduled for Sundays on May 24 and 31, as well as June 7 and 21, so as to celebrate the following occasions: Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Grandparents Day and Father’s Day. Each of these picnics will take place from 1 pm to 7 pm.

On Słodowa Island there will be an informative family town created, where professionals will provide advice in the field of preventive health, education and childcare, as well as various forms of institutional support for families. This year’s event will begin on Mother’s Day. From 3 pm children will be able to see a Bajkobus performance entitled Tesla vs Edison, that is, with the current or against the current. After the performance there are plans to take a tour guided by the book Following the Wroclaw dwarfs. Children will also have crazy fun on bouncy castles and a bubble football game, i.e. football, in which players are “dressed” in an inflatable ball.

This year, Family Academy should be particularly enjoyable. The organizers of the Wroclaw Centre for Social Development have cooperated with institutions that make over 600 places available in the 30 free workshops from culinary, health, psycho-educational and educational fields. Participants will learn how to build the right relationship with your child and what to play with them. They will learn methods of assertive communication, memory training and the principles of healthy eating. There will also be workshops for couples, first aid training and speech therapy classes.

This year, the new sports Academy will be launched. Family Month is an opportunity to take advantage of free sport activities. Sports centers and clubs involved in the creation of fitWro cards have provided a pool of more than 800 entries for 80 different sports activities, especially for participants in Family Month. As a result, you will be free to choose a family game of squash, meet a physiotherapist, go to a gym and take part in a wide range of fitness classes. The offer also includes activities designed specifically for entire families, mothers with children, seniors and multigenerational classes.

A new feature at this year’s Family Month is a card to collect points for participation in individual events. The card can be found in the schedule of events that will be distributed during workshops and classes and during picnics on the Słodowa Island. At the end of June, the collected points will be exchanged for prizes such as tickets to cinemas, theaters and fitness clubs.

Workshops and sport activities require booking through miesiacrodziny.pl. More information can also be found on facebook.