Orienter: Family orientation race. Subscribe and select one of the available routes

This weekend the fourth edition of the orientation race known as Orienter begins. Families, cyclists, seasoned walkers and beginners are welcomed to participate in the rally. There are day, night, shorter and longer routes to choose from for everyone.

Here comes the last weekend of the holiday season. One should not spend it sitting at home, given that there will be the chance to experience a fantastic adventure. It is also a good time to show children how to efficiently navigate a site and read a map.

Orienter will start in Lubiąż, near Wołów. It will last two days – August 28 and 29. It will be a team competition, so you can participate with your family or friends. Applications are accepted from both groups (depending on the type of route, the teams range from 2 to 6 participants) and individuals – the group will be formed already in the rally database.

Participants will have a choice of eight routes – five night and three day ones. The organizers have prepared navigation, shorter (20 km), classical (40 km), cycling and family routes. The chosen route should be completed within the assigned time limit, and all those who make it will receive an Orienter Certificate.

In addition, all participants who have won at least one checkpoint, will have the chance for valuable prizes from the sponsors of the rally. Organizers guarantee a good team fun, numerous adventures and a meal.

Registration for the rally started on August 16. Contribution fee is required.

The organizer of the rally is the Wroclaw Centre for Social Development, along with Tropicile Association.

Registration and detailed information on www.orienter.pl