New dwarf – Irtek

Irtek is a new dwarf that has joined the Wroclaw community. His New Year’s resolution was to move to Wroclaw. He is one of the most beloved dwarfs, and well known in the area, so he was received very warmly.
irtek_MZHe has a lot of talents and even more passions. One of them is traveling: he will tell you about the region in which he grew up, where he now lives and the places he has visited. He is a specialist in Lower Silesia, and knows many secrets of the city (and its secret passages), which he learned from his ancestors.
Although Irtek has decided to settle in Wroclaw for longer, he still cannot part from his map and pencil, which always accompany him while planning his next trip. Hopefully, he will stay with us for some time, and if he decides to set off in search of new adventures, he will later come back to Wroclaw with plenty of new stories!

Profile of Irtek.