New citizens of Wroclaw. Do you know them all?

Everyone loves dwarves! And their number is growing from month to month. See who joined the dwarf community in recent weeks.



The dwarf came to the city at the invitation of the Rector of the Wrocław University of Technology – Cezary Madryas. He lives in front of the Foreign Languages Study Center on the Coast of Stanisław Wyspiański, which celebrates its 65th anniversary this year. The dwarf, being a polyglot, likes to talk in many languages and read about them, therefore he does not part with his textbooks.

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 Radar, the Radio Technician Soldier

He wears a field uniform with a name tag and can boast of his military rank of captain. In his right hand he wields a range finder aimed at an F-16 plane. The plane is not far away as the dwarf holds it in his left hand. He came to Wroclaw on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the formation of the Wrocław Radio-technical Brigade. You can find him on Graniczna Street, just outside the entrance to the military unit.

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This dwarf probably does not need introducing to anyone … Before he came to the capital of Lower Silesia (and he did it running), he became famous thanks to his name. We wrote more about his story in our dwarf tale here You can try to convince him to tell you some more of his secrets. This peculiar dwarf dressed in pyjamas and a flashlight on his forehead can be found near the Olympic Stadium.

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Yet another famous personality. You can meet him near Rysia Street, in the back yard, near the carpet hanger. Why there? The dwarf shows where the geometric centre of Wroclaw is. He proudly stands on a boulder and holds a stick with signs pointing to each of the city’s districts. Now you know whom to ask for directions if you get lost in the city.

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In the last few days we have also welcomed Nokiavich – a dwarf who fixes the telecommunication tower. Rumour has it that he likes to take a nap even during working hours … You can check it out by paying him an unannounced visit at Lotnicza Street.

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