New Animals at the Wrocław ZOO

A tufted deer, vulturine guinea fowl, new young sharks as well as next aquarium fish – new inhabitants have just settled in the Wrocław ZOO.

A male tufted deer (in the photo, ©Wrocław ZOO) has just been brought from the Tierpark Berlin ZOO. The deer has been almost immediately connected to a female, who had been alone for a long period of time. The animals can be watched in their enclosure, as they are not afraid of winter conditions and can stay in the cold. The deer share their enclosure with red pandas.

The Wrocław ZOO has also welcomed a new partner of vulturine guinea fowl brought from the ZOO in Apeldoorn, Holland. Tree rodents called North American porcupines have arrived from Antwerp to Wrocław. The couple have been immediately released into their enclosure, as they are not afraid of Polish winter conditions and can freely climb in the bushes. However, before visitors to the ZOO will be able to admire the animals, a certain period of time is required for the animals to adapt to the new environment. As for now, they rather choose sheltered hollows.

New ZOO inhabitants have also appeared in aquariums. Visitors will have an opportunity to see recently born epaulette sharks, Banggai cardinalfish, as well as new red and green sea anemones and anthoza (corals).