Maps of urban legends and ghosts encounters – The National Museum invites you to a series of holiday activities

fot. Robertas/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)/

fot. Robertas/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)/

It is worth spending the last week of the summer holiday getting to know Wroclaw! The National Museum invites children to participate in workshops, which will make them feel like foreign tourists and connoisseurs of art.

The holiday classes are being held every Wednesday and Friday until the end of August. The program is prepared for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Classes can be attended at midday or at 2 pm.

The next meeting will be held on August 19 (Wednesday). Sławomir Ortyl has prepared classes titled “Become the creator of the map of Wroclaw legends”. Children will create a map of the enchanted places of our city. But before they take on this task, it is necessary to find out whether they know where the Pasta Gate is, and what events took place there. And where is the stone head of Henry, who was so in love with the beautiful, rich and wise Barbara that he became a thief for her? Children will hear again those urban legends and perform a map that will help them preserve the memory of these stories and visit those places.

The next meeting will be an encounter with ghosts. Children who like to be scared should come to the museum on August 21. Classes are provided for adventurers with strong nerves, because participants will see parts of the museum which are haunted, or were haunted in the past. They will see a saint, who threw cloths when the lights were off; Thanatos, who according to the report of still living witnesses, flew around the museum galleries in the night. There will also be the terrible ghostly legend of the old lady from Wroclaw market. In addition, the participants will take part in a ghostly fashion show and in such curious activities like throwing towels, walking on the river and … frightening. The organizers encourage participants to bring sheets.

It is true that Wroclaw has no access to the sea, but that will not prevent children from building ships and boats on Wednesday, August 26. Under the supervision of Michał Pieczka children will see paintings and sculptures, showing these particular objects. Then they will create paper and timber ships of their own design.

The final holiday meeting will take place on August 28. Grzegorz Wojturski will help children make masks from paper or plasticine. The task of each child will be transmitting their mood into the created mask. The meeting “Faces and masks in a distorting mirror of art” will show children a human face, as a primary means of expressing feelings, moods, attitudes or beliefs. Human experience, vices, but also positive traits are all contained in the human face. An exhibition of faces – masks will be present at Wroclaw National Museum.

All activities are free, but subscription is necessary. For this purpose, please contact the Education Department – phone: 71 372 51 48.