Lego Mindstorms: workshops on robot building and programming

robot-332234_640Demonstration class will be held on February 25 (Thursday) at the Zakrzowska29 Center. Children will spend time on creative fun from 6 pm to 8 pm, and the cost of a lesson is 10 zloty per child.

The classes are adapted to children aged 7-13 years old. The robotics workshop is a combination of science, robot building and fun. Participants are matched in pairs by age. For each team there is a dedicated computer and robot building set.

First, teams build a robot according to the lesson plan, and then learn how to “bring it to life”, that is program it so that it moves and carries out the mission entrusted to it – e. g. clean the garbage from the desk, find a way out of the maze, take a picture and so on. There will be competitions and games with robots that kids love.

Interested children can continue their studies in March, April and May. A semester course costs 450 zloty, and access to individual classes – 60 zloty. Booking required at: