Rynek, a front of the tenement "Małgosia"

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There couldn’t have been a better time for the appearance of Wrocław’s greatest admirer. Since June he infects all othe dwarves with love to Wrocław and welcomes tourists with a smile worth of the most eager fan of Lower Silesia’s capital.

Rumour has it that it is him who encouraged the Little Ones to reveal themselves to the citizens of Wrocław and all visitors. Now it is time for him to be revealed. WrocLover can be met at the foot of Wrocław’s most dwarfy buildings – Jaś and Małgosia. After all, not far from that place is the entrance to the Dwarf City.

The appearance of WrocLover in town is a sign of increasing dwarfisation, which is a positive phenomenon. The integration of Little Citizens with the Big Humans is on the rise and admirers of Wrocław such as WrocLover promote the city all over the world as the most friendly place for dwarves.

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