Papa Dwarf

ul. Świdnicka

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He is the most eminent of all dwarves living in Wrocław. In the past an active participant of social and political matters, he was engaged with the Orange Alternative. Today, on a well-deserved retirement, he leads the dwarf community of Wrocław, as the Head of Wrocław Dwarf Committee.
The ironic smile and playful expression perfectly suit him. A gentleman both prudent and greatly distanced towards reality, he leads the gatherings of city dwarves. He settles disputes and decides in all the most important matters regarding Wrocław dwarf community.
Papa Dwarf appeared at Świdnicka Street on June 1 2001. His fixed spot is not a coincidence, since it is Świdnicka Street that saw the majority of Orange Alternative happenings and Papa was involved with the organisation in times when dwarves were politically active. After retiring Papa Dwarf settled in Wrocław to rest from politics. Many dwarves followed him since then!

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