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She’s one of the few dwarf ladies, that decided to come forward and reveal herself to the Big Humans. Her kind heart made her help children from the local Hematology Clinic.

Marcy has always helped – injured birds and hamster for instance. But the true calling came when she began work in the dwarf kindergarten. It was the moment when she realized that taking care of children is her passion. Especially those children who are unfortunate.

For years she took care of the sick and orphaned young dwarves. Everything changed when she heard about the organization based in Wrocław, called “Mam marzenie” (English: “I have a dream”) which is devoted to fulfilling the dreams of sick kids. One of the kids wanted to meet a real dwarf!

Since then she is often seen in the corridors of the Hematology and Oncology Clinic in Wrocław. She walks among kids making sure they have all that’s necessary and comforts them. In the evenings she tells all the magical and amazing stories from the world of dwarves.

She will do whatever is possible to help her little patients.

If you wish to help Marcy and her charity “Mam marzenie” check their website:

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