In the Crooked Chimney you will learn to sew clothes and design cities

cyfrowy-kolaz-postApril in Crooked Chimney will be marked by arts, crafts, sewing and architectural activities. The organizers of courses aimed at children, adults and seniors will show how to create a digital collage, remake a dress or renovate an old chair.

Art workshops

Traditional collage – created from the scraps of colorful papers – can be considered to belong to a bygone era. The workshop participants will be able to see how this technique has been revolutionized by new technologies.

Collage in its digital form requires working with a scanner and image editing programs. The ins and outs of using this technique will be offered by Anna Rzymyszkiewicz – student of the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. The instructor has experience in graphic design, digital printing and often uses the technique of collage in her own work.

Participants are asked to bring their own materials to work with (photos, newspaper clippings or drawings to be scanned). Workshop dates: Friday 24th April, time: 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm and Saturday 25th April from 10 am to 2 pm.

Tailoring workshops for newbies and the more advanced

The main task of this workshop is transforming clothes to give them a new life. Those interested will be able to pick a difficulty level – basic or advanced. You will learn, among other things, how to work with patches, and get to know details of sewing techniques.

The first step is to learn manual sewing and how to make alterations. In the second stage, the organizers will reveal how to change the look of old clothes with simple machine stitching. Therefore, classes are dedicated especially to those who are tied to their wardrobe and do not like exchanging their favorite clothes for new things.

Each participant will receive sewing machine and sewing accessories for the duration of the workshops. Participants are asked to bring clothes that they want to remake.

Detailed schedule:

Advanced Course: May 27-28-29; 8-9-10 of June; June 15-16-17 (9 meetings)
Beginners Course: April 28-29-30; May 6-7-8; May 11-12-13 (a total of 9 meetings)
Patch sewing course: April 17-18-19 (3 meetings), 5 pm – 10 pm.

TYPICAL / UNUSUAL architectural workshop

What do Wroclaw citizen expect from the local housing market? Do we prefer to live in restored tenement houses or in new gated communities? Participants in workshops conducted by architects from Major Architekci will try to answer these questions.

The classes will analyze the needs of today’s city residents. In Wroclaw and other Polish cities housing conditions look quite similar. Our landscape is made up of former German estates, social realist blocks of flats and contemporary developers’ buildings.

Currently, it is mainly catalogue building houses and standardized residential buildings being built. Workshop participants will have the opportunity find out the reasons behind this trend in the construction industry. They will also consider how the city of the future will look, and for whom and when to create spaces tailored to residents’ needs? When is interference in common space a demonstration of one’s ego and when is it a taming of space?


09/04/15 – First meeting at 5pm

04/11/15 – second meeting at 5pm

More information about the workshop is available on the website of the organizer.