Goldie – a warm welcome to our new dwarf!


It is said that Wrocław’s dwarfs pop up like mushrooms. We confirm – we have just met another one. His name is Goldie and he lives at Strzegomska Street. What is his history and why is he called like that?

Goldie arrived recently in Wroclaw but has already caused quite a commotion. Why? Well, because he is holding coins and banknotes in his hands. Quite a lot of coins and banknotes- and he is staring at them with undisguised delight. Of course, as you can guess, this is where he got his name from. But this dwarf is not stingy and he gladly shares his treasure with others. Although it was not always so …

 Until recently, when he lived in a remote wooded land, Goldie was known as a very stingy dwarf. He had no family nor friends. He was only interested in multiplying his wealth. And he was pretty good at it as coins started to spill from his home. Of course, such a wealth could not go unnoticed and one day someone robbed him. Goldie knew that he would never find his money and could not count on helping hands. Therefore he did what dwarves do when they are sad – he bursted into tears. His tears dripped on mushrooms, berries and other fruits of the forest. Then something remarkable happened. Since his tears were so they magically changed the fruits into coins. Goldie realized his mistake and since then he gladly gives away his money. He also decided to start all over again and that is why he moved to Wroclaw. Since recently you can meet him in Santander Consumer Bank S.A. at 42c Strzegomska Street

 7-year-old Laura told us the story of Goldie.

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