Finale of May Festival of Children’s Literature in Wroclaw!

fot. materiały prasowe organizatora

fot. materiały prasowe organizatora

The Festival of Children’s Literature is made up of a lot of fun and even more great literature. Organizers plan to offer participants the following attractions: meetings with their favorite authors, workshops with masters of illustration, film screenings, exhibitions, evening readings of fairy tales from around the world etc.

The finale of the second Festival of Children’s Literature will take place in Wroclaw and will run from 19th to 31st May. Before this, it will also take place in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. There, from 10th May one can also count on outdoor activities, workshops with illustrators, city games, criminal puzzles, cinema screenings, theater performances and concerts.

The Wroclaw edition of the festival will be inaugurated with an exhibition entitled “You have rights, man.” Illustrations from the book of the same title, by Małgorzata Węgrzecka and Iwona Zabielska-Stadnik, will be on display on Wroclaw Market. The illustrators were inspired by, among other things, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and so small citizens will have an opportunity to learn its content in a very accessible way.

As a part of the European Literature Night, on Tuesday, 26th May, Mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz will read “Polish Fairy Tales”. This will be also an opportunity for children aged 6 to 10 to visit the presidential office.

The festival’s attractions are also part of the Good Pages – Children and Youth Book Fair. The Congress Center in Wroclaw, on 28th May, will host not only books, but also an exhibition of sculptures of Józef Wilkoń, who celebrates his 85th birthday this year. As well as this, there will be manual-art workshops titled “Literary kites”, workshops with Joanna Krzyżanek – author of books about Cecylka Knedelek. After listening to “Tales that smells of chocolate” children will be able to create puppets, masks, an everyday objects with illustration masters, or write a story through rolling dice, board games and bricks. At the end of the day, it will also be worth going to the White Stork Synagogue to listen to Jewish fables, and take part in a workshop of Jewish dance.

A car rally with John Bajtlik will be a prominent attraction of the following day. No child will say no to a chance to create their own cardboard car, which will later join the race. The Wroclaw Convention Center will also be worth a visit due to a meeting with Rafal Kosik, which will take place on 29th May. “Felix, Net and Nika” is a series of science fiction books that has brought this author great popularity. The meeting with him will be part of the International Festival of the Crime Books. That day of the festival will end again with fairy tale telling and board games – this time with an African theme.

The next day, it will be worth returning to the Convention Center. Gazeta Wyborcza will organize a city game called “The magic of literature,” and Katarzyna Bogucka will conduct fashion workshops. Those seeking an even greater dose of literature will find it on this day, 30th May, in the New Horizons cinema. There, as part of International Festival of the Crime Books, there will be a “Detective intergenerational event”. Agnieszka Stelmaszyk and Joanna Jodełka will talk about a series of books called Archeo Chronicles and other crime books for young people. It will also be worth going to the Market, where after individual interviews Literary Emergency will give advice about which titles and authors meet the expectations of bookworms and satisfy their sophisticated requirements.

On the last day of the festival, there will be an opportunity to meet with the little prince and build his planet. At noon, on 31st May, there will also be a meeting titled “Bromba and philosophy”, where Maciej Wojtyszko will turn on the critical thinking and open participants’ minds for the final readings after dark.

More information can be found on the website of the organizer. We also recommend Facebook fanpage to track events.