Final weekend of the world of Lego at Wroclaw Stadium!

lego-1044891_640Structures inspired by Star Wars and the martial law period have been made with ten trucks worth of Lego blocks and other equipment. There are one hundred constructions over an area of 1,500 square meters.

Poland’s largest exhibition of buildings made with Lego bricks, at Wroclaw Stadium, will last only until February 14.

Exhibits will delight children of all ages. The youngest preschoolers will have fun with Duplo blocks. For older children there are the following attractions: Lego playground, automotive slides, building facilities with huge blocks, wall writing and painting with blocks and Lego Zone games on the PlayStation 4.

The exhibition is also a journey into the world of Star Wars and stories from movies and cartoons. Some of the exhibits are educational. Some buildings show historical and contemporary architecture, historical events and the martial law period in Poland. There is also a huge airport with aircraft models from World War I and II and a number of interactive exhibits aimed at developing technical imagination.