Film Buff Junior hit by a car. He is coming round…

Film Buff Junior, who lives around The New Horizons Cinema came under the care of the dwarfish Office of Very Important Matters. How did this happen?

Well, late at night, on the 1st February, Film Buff Junior was watching people coming out of the last film screenings as usual, as well as people circulating between the clubs, when SUDDENLY! What a crash! Poor little Film Buff Junior got hit. He became the victim of a car accident that, according to police records, took place at 1:08.

The car drove into the dwarf and damaged the structure of this little creature. You need to know that most Wrocław dwarfs, as well as their small feet touching the pavement, have a several-kilogram block that is stuck into the ground and allows them to maintain a single, fixed position for many years. It also protects them against thieves. Film Buff Junior, however, was a bit unlucky.

Film Buff Junior is currently in the office, where Pharmacist dwarf is preparing for him various mixtures for regaining vitality and Globetaster is cooking chicken soup. Mrs. Dwarf is providing him peace, and sending curious visitors home until Film Buff Junior starts feeling better again.