Extreme sport dwarfs – walk in the footsteps of athletic dwarfs

Krasnale Wodne

Krasnale Wodne

Next weekend will see the launch of a series of weekend holiday trips in the footsteps of the Wroclaw dwarfs. Meanwhile, for those who are want some history with young residents of Wroclaw in the background, we have prepared a virtual walking tour. We encourage you to try it yourself at any time.

Summer, sun and heat are conducive to active recreation. We can assure that our dwarfs are not idle. They may be tiny, but their physical vigor is really impressive! Well … maybe with one small exception. Couch Potato Dwarf leads a rather comfortable and sedentary lifestyle, so he stands out from our sports leaders.

For those who live in and around Strzegomski square, we suggest beginning the tour with a visit to the Alpinists. On 56 Strzegomska Street the duo climb up the surrounding rocks. These are, of course, made-to-measure rocks. For us, they are rather ordinary stones, but they allow the Alpinists to enjoy their beloved sport. After all, Wroclaw is closer to the Polish mountains than the sea. The Alpinists therefore promote Wroclaw climbing walls with all their might, and encourage children, young people and adults to try themselves at competitive climbing.

Heading towards the market it is worth stopping at 58 Świdnicka Streets. You will find there Walker, who has a very sensible approach to physical activity. This is no ordinary dwarf who loves walks. Brisk walking is his passion, so he invested in walking poles, which relieve his small joints during exercise. One should follow the example of Walker, because this dwarf cares about his sports equipment and always remembers to carry a bottle of water, and he does not overdo his exercise either.

Other paragons of virtue are the Wroclaw Water Dwarfs. The whole team can be met just in front of the Puppet Theatre. Anyone who can count to ten will realize that there are as many as seven of them. To create a rowing team of eight, there is only one dwarf missing. Perhaps that is why the dwarfs instead of focusing on training, prefer to feed the sparrows and enjoy views of the Old City. Hence their names: Paper-ship-maker, Bird-feeder, Gardener, Actor, Willow, Umbreller, Water-collector.

A little further on, there are more water sport dwarfs: Slopper, Bubbler, Rescuer and Helper. They love water and they are rescuers, who provide security in the swimming pool of Wroclaw Spa center. All four of them can be found at swimming pool No. 1 on 10/12 Teatralna Street.

Slopper and Bubbler are a pair of excellent divers. They started diving in the Odra River, but now they are well aware that these were the mistakes of their youth. After all, it is safer to swim in the pool. Rescuer and Helper are excellent swimmers, whose vigilance has saved visitors to the swimming pool more than once. They are the reasonable voices who convinced Slopper and Bubbler to use municipal swimming pools, instead of unguarded water areas. The cooperation of both dwarfs is arranged perfectly: one whistles, initiating an alarm, and the other fishes out unlucky person with the help of a stick.

A little further on, around the corner, on 6 Nowa Street, there is Scout. One does not need to tell him the importance of sports, safety, team spirit and respect for rules and principles. The Scout Community is the most important to him. With a smile on his face, in front of the building of the Lower Silesian Regiment Headquarters ZHP, he hums: “Burning fireplace and rustling woods …”. After visiting him, one is often in mood for game of chase, camping in the fresh air and learning various scouting skills.

The last active lifestyle enthusiasts associated with water and sport are the Captain twins. You will find them heading towards the Oder, specifically on the Włostowica Boulevard.

Nerida and Victoria took their names from the names of two steamships running in season on the Oder River. Because they are twins, they not only look the same, but they both play the role of captains. To see how they deal with this task, one would have to buy a cruise ship, because Nerida and Victoria do not leave the deck.