Europe Day in Old Town Park. Celebrate it in the Capital of Culture

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It will be the fourth Wroclaw celebration of Europe Day, which marks the 65th anniversary of the Schuman plan, the declaration establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, considered to be the nucleus of what today is the European Union. On this occasion, May 9, from 1 pm the little citizens of Wroclaw will have a chance to celebrate a kind of birthday of the European Union.

This year, Old Town Park, just off the Puppet Theater, will become a vast area of ​​relaxation, where you can listen to music while relaxing on a sun lounger. The following attractions for children will be provided: an energy-bike producing fruit juice, workshops on recycling and upcycling, a location-based game called Choco Game on Fair Trade crops, the workers of which receive decent wages. There will also be a point for marking bikes (prepared in cooperation with the Police), a bike repair service by Dr Bike and an emergency point where medical workers will provide first aid training.

Of course, there will also be educational part connected with the history of the European Union. A specially designed stand will give information on EU institutions and the culture of European countries. There will also be contests and educational games. The organizers want to provide multigenerational activities. The House of Peace Foundation will be present, and it will carry out interviews with senior family members and photograph grandmothers, grandchildren and parents with a Polaroid camera.

Part of the attractions will be available at the House of Peace on 10 Widok Street. There will be European lessons conducted by Bill Martin, an official of the European Commission. It is worth seeing the exhibition of photographs created in the framework of the project “Multicultural Wroclaw citizens”, organized by the Wroclaw Center for Social Development.

In the evening, adults can take advantage of an opportunity to see the Oscar-winning work by Paweł Pawlikowski, Ida. It is worth remembering that this Polish production also received the European Parliament’s LUX award.

We encourage you to visit the park by bike and celebrate it with your families. Below is a video of last year’s celebration of this festive day.

More information can be gathered by visiting the event page on Facebook.