Educational and artistic project 3D Dizajn invites everyone to its 5th birthday!

fot. gomagoti/  (CC BY-SA 2.0)/

fot. gomagoti/ (CC BY-SA 2.0)/

3D Dizajn stands for Design for Kids. For the last five years a group of animators and artists have been organizing additional and very professional art lessons for children under this name. It is an educational and artistic project in the Dizajn gallery, which belongs to the BWA Wrocław.

Since 2010, a group of educators has been organizing workshops, lectures and shows. The first series of classes dedicated to design, accompanying the exhibition Hakobo Graphic World, proved to be a hit. The list of participants was bursting at the seams. Children learned what design is, but they also had a closer look at fashion, furniture and graphic design. The last workshop was a family operation – this formula attracted so much interest that the organizers decided to repeat it many times, and engaged different generations in artistic activities more frequently.

Family and intergenerational workshops, as well as those for schools and groups, became a staple of the program. Animators and artists talked about design as an item of everyday reality, the world of things that have gone through the process of design, so that we can use them.

On the occasion of the end of the fifth year of operation, the organizers invite everyone for a birthday party. A reception will be held in the Dizajn Gallery, on Saturday, April 25, from 11 am to 3 pm. For kids there will be additional space available, a yard behind the Dizajn Gallery – BWA Wroclaw, from Szewska Street. The birthday party will be open to all. Both regular participants and completely new small art adepts interested in the initiative are welcome. There are creative outdoor activities scheduled, as well as backyard games, shared relaxing and goodies and sweets. It will also be the last opportunity to see the Earth and Water exhibition. One does not need to apply and there are no age restrictions. All scheduled attractions are free.