Education through play – art nursery and mathematics for older children

fot. Syril Lookin/(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)/

fot. Syril Lookin/(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)/

Education does not only have to take place in schools and kindergartens. Children are also eager to gain knowledge when they discover the world while playing with their peers. The schedule is so rich that it will attract both future scientists and future artists.

Nursery in theater

Art nursery classes take place every Thursday, in the headquarters of the Wroclaw Center for Children’s Creativity. Under the guidance of the instructor and the care of parents, children participate in games and activities with their peers, which contribute to their development. The program provides physical activities, art, music and theater. It is worth going there especially for the latter, as the Children’s Creative Center is housed in a former Kalambur Student Theater, in which famous actors like Anna German, Edward Lubaszenko and Konrad Imiela used to star. Thus, two year olds, three year olds and five year olds have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. The cost of 16 activities is 480 zloty per semester; the price of a single workshop is 39 zloty, and a 4 meeting ticket is worth 140 zloty. Submissions can be sent to: The next classes will take place from 2nd April.

Before kindergarten

Official kindergarten admission is an important event. However, one can prepare for it. The Center of Various Initiatives invites children aged 2 to 4 for classes that will help them to adapt to kindergarten. The general activities contributing to their development include music, movement and art games. They show children the classes in which they will participate in kindergarten, while parents can find out how their child feels among their peers and in the care of new people. One-time participation in class costs 40 zloty, a pass – 140 zloty. You can subscribe by e-mail ( or by phone: 784 193 312. The next classes will take place from 2nd April.

MathRiders – math for kids

This queen of the sciences is not well liked by children. But in order not to discourage them too easily, one might want to give them the opportunity to learn logical thinking from an early age. Math-Riders classes are dedicated to children aged 4 and 5. This is the perfect age to learn mathematics with all your senses, to discover the world of rules of this science and to organize your thought processes. Mental development will have a positive impact on improving self-esteem and social skills. Ha!Mak on 25/35 Zwycięska Street, invites four year olds every Thursday from 5:15 pm and five year olds from 6 pm. Participation in classes can be purchased as a part of a pass (from 18 zloty). Bookings are accepted by phone: 500 111 162. The nest classes will take place from 2nd April.