Dwarfs arrive at the Literary Port and now wear curious masks

Who put those strange masks on the Wrocław dwarfs? What is it at all about? Why all the fuss?

These and similar questions probably appeared in the minds of those who went for a stroll in the Town Square on the Tuesday after Easter and had the opportunity to observe the rather unusual masks of Wrocław dwarfs.

The entire initiative was organized by Biuro Literackie, a Wrocław publishing house, which is now preparing for the annual Literary Port festival, which starts on April 24 in Wrocław.

The 19th European Wrocław Literary Port will begin on April 24 with the world premiere of a film about Zuzanna Ginczanka at Nowe Horyzonty Cinema.

Over the next two days there will be meetings with writers in Wrocław Contemporary Theater, during which participants will discuss the “dangerous liaisons of gender and literature.”

We invite you to Wrocław Market Square for one of the meetings, where debuting poets will read their poems to the audience.