Dwarf Story Competition Finalists Work Already Taking Place on Theater Performance

Work is already underway on adapting of the three winning works in a major contest for stories about the Wrocław dwarfs. We received nearly 230 entries!

The stories were carefully read and evaluated by a professional jury. For now, however, we cannot tell you whose works were adapted. Instead, we can give you the 15 finalists, whose stories competed in the final stage of the jury’s deliberations for the place on the podium.

These are:

Mateusz Bernat
Małgorzata Budzyńska
Paulina Danecka
Magdalena Górka-Kaleta
Karolina Grochal
Katarzyna Jania
Edyta Łysiak
Roger Piaskowski
Karolina Ramut
Anna Rymaszewka-Dybała
Katarzyna Sergiel
Agnieszka Springer
Konstanty Stankiewicz
Bogumił Staszek
Olga Zabielska

Congratulations to the finalists. Apart from the 3 people selected for the main prices, each of the 15 finalists will receive a package of gadgets from the Dwarfs Festival and additional prizes from the sponsors.

The stories were evaluated by a jury composed of Marek Krajewski – author of the famous detective stories, prof. Ryszard Waksmund – an outstanding specialist in children’s literature, Jakub Krofta – Director of the Wrocław Puppet Theatre, Konrad Imiela – Director of Capitol Musical Theatre, and the work was chaired by dr. Aneta Głuch-Klucznik, Dean of the Puppet Department of Wrocław branch of the Theatre School.

Students of the Theater School, under the guidance of their professors, are now preparing adaptations of the three best stories into theater spectacles. The premiere is on 13th of September during the Wrocław Festival of Dwarfs at 1.30 pm.

Everyone is warmly invited! Entry, of course, is free of charge.