Dwarf Guitar Day in April! Get ready to visit the little musicians

regord-guinessaWhen adults will try to beat the Guitar Guinness World Record 2016, Wroclaw monuments, sculptures and dwarfs will be decorated with paper instruments. On April 1, have a walk with a guitar and join the dwarfs signing “Hey Joe”!

As every year, every fan of guitar playing will contribute to the attempt to establish the Guitar Guinness World Record. Musicians will meet on April 1 at the Market Square. “Hey Joe,” will have to be played by 7345 guitars if the record breaking attempt is deemed successful.

Organizers also take care of the appropriate setting for this event. Some of the dwarfs will be decorated with paper guitars. We encourage you to visit them with your own guitars. The schedule includes: fun and entertainment for children, stilt walkers, bubbles, face painting, creating guitars with balloons, guitar sweets and souvenirs, “Wroclaw Dwarf with Guitar” art contest, competition for the best-marked group of dwarfs, playing together and singing the national anthem, “We are dwarfs!” and a Procession of Wroclaw Dwarfs.