Dwarf adventures at the pool, or how Sisyphers wanted to enjoy water madness

Syzyfki The Sisyphers wiped their foreheads with their already heavily soaked shirts. They bathed in curtains of water set in the Market Square in Wrocław. It helped a bit, but the sun shines so much that it dries clothes at an alarming rate.

Hiding in the shade is of little help. Because even if the sun is not shining down, it is still stuffy. What’s more, Papa Dwarf has forbidden the Sisyphers to devour any more servings of ice cream. And even the argument that the accumulated fat will keep more heat in the winter and that winter will already be here in five months, did not help. Papa Dwarf remained adamant. Fortunately, when it comes to refreshing lemonade he was less rigorous.

After a brief shower in the water curtains, the Sisyphers decided to go to the pool and combine their bath with some entertainment. This was easy, as there is a swimming pool in Wrocław. They jumped into comfortable sandals and rushed straight from Świdnicka Street to WakePark. They waited politely in the queue, and after a while immersed their feet in cool water.

The Sisyphers quickly realized that swimming is not the only attraction, they could also refresh themselves in other ways. In WakePark there are cranes and one can fly on a board! The Sisyphers thought that water sports is something that they will like for sure. They had never tried it before, but the water madness on board looked very tempting. Without caring at all about their dwarf size, they rushed to the queue and by squeezing between the legs of those waiting, they quickly got to the very front. It was clear that on their own they would not be able to keep their balance on the board, and flying in the air did not exactly suit them. They quickly decided that they would grip tightly the calf of a lady in a red swimsuit and ride one dwarf on the one calf and the other dwarf on the other.

So they sailed. The dwarfs did not even have time to do anything and they already soared in the air on the wakeboard. The speed was bewildering. In one moment, the board firmly hit the water and one Sisypher let go of the calf and almost fell. Fortunately, he was able to catch it again and happily swim to shore. Everything is good, the dwarfs thought, but the adrenaline rush almost cooked them! They took a quick shower and rushed to the other end of town.

They decided to spend the second half of the day in the Aquapark. It was supposed to be a bit more peaceful, the Sisyphers were certain that at least they would not fly in the air.

Firstly, the dwarfs, quite resolutely, went to the area for children. Boredom – one Sisypher thinks. Wheels, boards, swimmers, all fine, but they could do with more entertainment. Soon they moved to the recreational area. Quick relax in the hot tub, swimming in the waves, maybe some water polo? We’ll see. Suddenly, something splashed! And lapped! And got drunk of the water!

The Sisyphers became petrified. There was a man, sliding down on a big, really big, tire. That is – it was not a typical tire, but a big inflatable wheel, so big that people were barely able to hold them in their hands, not to mention dwarfs. However, they were not afraid of that challenge. The resolute dwarfs quickly traced the source of the squelching water. It turned out that one can slide down one of the slides on the inflatable wheels! Tip tap, up the stairs between the people. This slide is certainly less stressful than the board.

They looked up. We have a problem – said one of them. The slide is available only for those who are more than three feet tall. The dwarfs got lost in thought. They decided to stand on top of each other, but it did not help, for they still had a total of no more than one and half feet, and that just because for a moment they stopped slouching.

The situation was not very good, because how one can swim here if the inflatable wheel is so large, and the dwarfs so small. Jumping on people is not exactly an easy option … The second Sisypher thought ruefully, and he was already starting to feel resignation when he got an idea. How about tying a shoelace to the wheel and waiting until someone returns? And then we, go on our bellies, after it? The idea proved to be a hit. The satisfied Sisyphers tied the lace, formed the loop, and gripped it firmly.

They waited a minute, and finally someone decided to go up. Quick getting to the shore of the slide, appropriate position and weeeee …! They slid on their bellies. They were laughing a lot up until the first turn, when the wheel skidded, and so did the dwarfs behind the wheel. They hit the wall of the slide and got a bit bashed-up. It was no longer fun, one Sisypher even drank some water out of fear. Quick splash and luckily they were already in the lower pool. They looked at each other and agreed that slide, yes, great, but with such a small dwarf size there is no need to risk…

They obediently returned to the pool outside and perched on the shore. Well, they have soft bellies, so at least the landing was safe. Papa Dwarf will not prohibit ice cream any more.