Drunky – a new dwarf in town!

kacuś2When it seemed that nothing can surprise us, he made an appearance in our town … Drunky – a
new dwarf who swelled the ranks of the dwarf community of Wrocław.

Where does he live? And why is he called like that? There is nothing accidental in this story.

What can we say … Drunky likes to have fun. He loves other dwarves and he was even seen in the company of Big People. He has always loved to travel around the world in search of new experiences and places. What is more, he did not look for tourist attractions. London Eye? The Statue of Liberty? The Eiffel Tower? Not necessarily. Nevertheless, he knew all the restaurants and pubs in the area. And as he claims: wherever he goes, he is the biggest attraction. During one of his expeditions he heard a lot of good things about the night life of Wrocław. He didn’t need much convincing. He came to Wrocław and has stayed here ever since. Every evening you can meet him in the company of new companions: O’Pub, Drinker and Boozer.  Together they keep company to the recently lonely Doggy and Beer Drinker.

 “Then why is he not called Party Animal”, you ask. Well, you can say that nothing human is alien to him. This dwarf has a horrible headache quite often. But he also found a solution to this problem. He choose the Pharmacy “Pod Podwójnym Złotym Orłem” /Under the Double Golden Eagle/ as his new place of residence. This is where he is taken care of on a daily basis…and when it is necessary this is where he is brought back to life.. Well, life couldn’t be any better!

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