Clowns, musicians and circus performers. Wrocław turned into an entertainment arena


BuskerBus is a festival of street art – colorful and joyful. On the streets of Wrocław there will be actors, circus performers, clowns, mimes and acrobats from around the world.

Street Art Festival is one of the few such events in Poland. During it Wrocław attracts the best artists from all over the country and beyond. BuskerBus will come to our city for the seventeenth time.

Viewers will be able to take an active part in the events, enjoy themselves together with artists and participate in the show. A distance from oneself and reality, sense of humor and fun will certainly be appreciated.

The Festival starts on the 30th of August and will run until Sunday, September 1. You will see the artist on the courtyard of Maniana club on Św. Mikołaja Street. Start at 9 pm.