Dwarf rumours

Neptune – a new citizen of Wroclaw

We welcome a new dwarf in our town! And he is not just any ordinary dwarf. He is the true ruler of the oceans and seas – Neptune the dwarf. Also known in other circles as Shanty-convent dwarf.

Goldie – a warm welcome to our new dwarf!

It is said that Wrocław’s dwarfs pop up like mushrooms. We confirm – we have just met another one. His name is Goldie and he lives at Strzegomska Street. What is his history and why is he called like that?

Drunky – a new dwarf in town!

When it seemed that nothing can surprise us, he made an appearance in our town … Drunky – a new dwarf who swelled the ranks of the dwarf community of Wrocław.

New dwarf – Irtek

Irtek is a new dwarf that has joined the Wroclaw community. His New Year’s resolution was to move to Wroclaw. He is one of the most beloved dwarfs, and well known in the area, so he was received very warmly.

Winter holidays at the National Museum

From February 15 to 24, there will be art classes for children aged 6 to 12 years old in the National Museum. Participation in the workshop is free. Booking is possible until February 16.

25th Finale of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra

On January 15, there will be the 25th finale of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra. Two events will take place at the same time on two stages: an outdoor event on Nowy Targ square and an indoor event in the Gothic Hall of the Old Monastery.