Bank holiday picnic with the dwarfs. The latest adventures of Ossolineo in the Museum of Pan Tadeusz (part 1)

OssolinĚ-czyk2-SiemDwarfs live the life of Wroclaw, and thus they enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. Among them there are quite a few historians, storytellers, and lovers of art and culture. Can you guess what special event prepared for the weekend caught their attention? Of course, it was the opening of the Museum of Pan Tadeusz.

The first day of free touring around the newly opened Museum of Pan Tadeusz was on May 3. Its employees were expecting crowds of people, but they could not guess that this event also affected one small member of their team – dwarf Ossolineo. He has not slept for a couple of week, so that he had time to once again read the manuscript of Pan Tadeusz. This explains why he was irritable and tired. He had no patience for anyone.

Ossolineo, I brought you your favorite muffins from Amorino” called Bakey.

Stop making all that noise! Can’t you see I’m reading? Besides, I do not have a head for cakes” grumbled unhappy Ossolineo.

Bakey left the library building offended. “But you’re not doing anything else, just reading!” he said through his teeth. When he returned to the café, a bunch of neighbors was already waiting for him. There was Amorino, Hoppy and Suds the Dog, Bavarian and Phony.

And? How is he?” Asked the chorus of dwarfs.

Uh, give me a break. He won’t even take his nose out of the books.”

What’s gotten into him?! In a moment there will be bank holiday picnic, while he, instead of promoting Wroclaw, shuts himself among the books,” lamented Amorino.

There is nothing we can do. We should consult this matter with someone smarter.”

What about our bank holiday schedule of events? After all, we have to help in beating the record on the Market. Someone has to arrange the crowd of guitarists. We need all the dwarfs we have,” said Hoppy.

Let’s go to the Tourist dwarf. We have to tell him about our worries.”