Auctions Begin for the Cildren of Wrocław Children’s Hospice

Stars-autographed CDs, T-shirts and merchandise; dinner with Kinga Preis and training with Paweł Rańda (a Polish rower and silver medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympics); and finally championship medal of Śląsk Wrocław Football Team and Euro 2012 foosball table. From November 21, on the Kindness Day, you can buy these items at charity auctions on behalf of terminally ill children.

“Auctions are a great opportunity to get an interesting gift for Christmas and at the same time to help our children. Each person who buys something, in addition to the unique item, will receive a special thanks,” says Beata Hernik-Jaszewska, PR Consultant at the Wrocław Children’s Hospice Foundation. Among nearly one hundred items which will appear at this year’s auctions, you will find a number of merchandise signed by athletes, artists and other celebrities, as well as elegant trinkets, art items, and tickets to various events.

Auctions, just like last year, are conducted through Allegro, a Polish biggest online auction website. The first auction was held on November 21st, on the Kindness Day. The auctions are going to last until December 21st.

You can find all auctions by typing “DŻ2012” at the Allegro website, which in Polish stands for the Kindness Day (Dzień Życzliwości). On the website volunteers from the Hospice provide information regarding the popularity of each auction. You are also going to learn who is the leader in the race for the championship medal of Śląsk Wrocław Football Team and the Euro 2012 foosball table, which are most likely to become this year’s hits.

“We hope that the table will be standing in the social room of some Wrocław company which will combine the love for football entertainment with the willingness to help others. The championship medal of Śląsk Wrocław Football Team will become a great decoration for a corporate office or a private study,” declares Beata Hernik-Jaszewska.

Last year T-shirts autographed by musicians and athletes enjoyed great success, together with Poland’s vice-championship medal of Śląsk Wrocław, as well as graphics and paintings. A unique double ticket for feeding the lemurs in the Wrocław Zoo was greatly popular, which was sold for 400 złoty.

This is the third edition of the pre-Christmas charity auctions for children’s home hospice, the only one in Lower Silesia. Last year, almost 120 items were sold for the amount of about 11,000 złoty. This year, there will probably be less items, but there will be more items with the asking price of over 50 zloty. For all those who would wish to support the foundation with a smaller amount an online transfers application has been made available at the website