A walk in the footsteps of Labor Inspector – LI. Visit the new dwarfs that have made their home at Wroclaw companies

Inspektor-Pracy-IPekRecently many hardworking dwarfs have appeared in our city, so Labor Inspector – LI went on a tour of the companies that hired them. If you’re hungry for adventure, we invite you to set off on a tour in the footsteps of LI.

Since the 1980s LI has always started his inspection from the same place – from the Training Center of the State Labor Inspectorate, on 5 Mikołaja Kopernika Street. He puts on his tie, shirt, vest and glasses. From the Center he takes his backpack with documents and a little notebook, in which he will record any irregularities.

The first bullet point on his list is the Post and Telecommunications Museum, on 1 Krasinskiego Street. Postman dwarf works there. He has worked there for many years now, so LI worries that his letter bag is too heavy, or the number of consignments is too big or the frost is too much for him. Try to find Postman and check if LI has any reason to worry.

Second on the list is the newcomer – Capgeminius programmer, who works at 2-4 Świdnicka Street. The dwarf embraces and tames the world of code (Java, C ++, Oracle is a piece of cake for him). Unfortunately, LI had to give him a reprimand for the attitude he adopted while working at the computer. He advised him to put the laptop on the desk and take his feet off it – it would be better for his dwarfish spine.

Last on his list is Profiler, who received a representative function in a company that sells aluminum profiles. LI closely looked at his muscles and concluded that, although Profiler is young and very strong, he should not overexert himself and from time to time he should change his posture. Profiler is flexing at 20 Piołunowa Street.

The route map can be previewed here