A team of new dwarfs will appear by the river. The sculptures will adorn the marina of Wroclaw University of Technology

Krasnale ósemki wioślarskiejThe marina becomes more and more beautiful every day. Soon, the sculptures of Wroclaw dwarfs will adorn it in honor of the rowing team of the Wroclaw University of Technology. They have been designed to motivate healthy competitive spirit.

Renovation works on the marina are nearly complete. The platforms are ready, and the renovation of the entire waterfront could still last until May. Certainly, everything will be completed by the next edition of the Odra River Cup 2016 which is scheduled for May 28.

Then we will definitely be able to admire the new team of dwarfs. The river will be adorned by eight rowing dwarfs, along with a pretty female coxswain. Naturally, they were captured during rowing. On the attached pictures they lack only the boat, oars and the ninth dwarf. The artist – Beata Zwolańska-Hołod – is still working on him.

At this moment, however, the sculptures of the eight rowing dwarfs are cast from wax. They are made by the carving workshop “Zajezdnia”. These are not the first dwarfs to come out of this studio. In 10 years, in this one workshop there have been between 100 to 150 dwarfs created. Usually, work on one dwarf takes a little over a month, but more complex designs (such as the eight rowing dwarfs) can take up to half a year.