A story about how dwarfs summoned spring and how a goblin wanted it all for himself


A long, long time ago in a distant land … That would be the beginning of a classic fairy tale, but not this one. The story takes place in Wroclaw, actually, not so long ago…

The citizens of the city were tired of the dragging winter – the omnipresent dull, foul weather, the persistent rain and wind .The citizens of Wrocław rushed only from home to work, from work home and greeted each other by saying only “What an awful weather!” or “I wish winter was over.” The usually joyful dwarfs had also a bad mood. You should know that these small beings have a lot of empathy in them. They are happy when others are happy but also mourn when others are sad. At that time Bubble-spiller did not bathe so willingly (“because it is so cold”), Goldie did not enjoy his money, the Mathematician felt no passion for numbers, Croissant lost his appetite, Walker did not want to walk any more, Toothache’s pain was even more intense Sisyphers were considering abandoning their granite ball ( “All in all it looks OK where it is”). It even seemed as if Well-wisher was less friendly. Only Snorer slept like a baby, saying: “I’s the weather.” Papa Dwarf was watching all of this with growing concern. He was thinking all day long how to bring joy back to the city. Papa Dwarf contemplated and worried so intensely that … he started losing weight. There was only one solution – we need to bring spring to the city as soon as possible. Five exceptional dwarves also knew that and they got to work immediately.


You should know that there are secret societies among dwarfs, just like among Big People. We will not tell you about all of them because what would be left of their secrecy. Nevertheless, we have to mention one thing. A secret society called the Green Pact functions in our city. You probably wonder why is it called like that? Well, the association was founded by several dwarfs who especially liked one colour … yes, yes, the colour green. Dwarves who above all love greenery and nature belong to this society. They love to take care of the flowers. Some of the members of this society even carry out secret experiments aimed at creating new species. Spring is their favourite season. They believe that everything is better then. Nature comes to life, parks turn green and people are happier. Who are these dwarfs, you ask? We know that the dwarves residing in the Botanical Garden belong to the Pact: Botanist , Gardener and Manager , as well as Narcy and Hyndrag .


When the dwarves heard about the problem they summoned a secret meeting, agreed on an action plan and immediately got to work. They knew that only they can bring spring to Wroclaw. Under the disguise of night they scattered throughout the city and quickly began to plant tulips and crocuses in all possible colours. They did not forget about hiacyntachs, muscaris and of course narcissi. Sunflowers also got their spot to in order to make Well-wisher happy. In the morning the Big People witnessed a spectacular sight. All the squares, parks and meadows turned into a sea of flowers. You are probably asking yourself now how is it possible that plants grew overnight. Well, we cannot tell you all Dwarf secrets. One thing is certain – they managed to summon spring!


This joyful mood did not last long though. The news of a happy and green Wroclaw spread around the world. It even reached the land, the name of which must not be spoken. This land is inhabited by constantly dissatisfied goblins. Eternal winter rules this land and no one who lives there has ever heared of the sun. One of these sad creatures decided to come to Wroclaw and see the spoken of happiness on his own eyes. And so he did. He was captivated by what he saw and his mood changed beyond recognition. Because he could not move to Wrocław, he stole all (!) the flowers and decided to take them to his land. And he almost succeeded …


The goblin did not know that he was dealing with creatures much more vigilant and smarter than himself. The news of the destroyed flowers spread quickly among the dwarf community. Rumour has it that nobody has ever seen such a commotion among the dwarves. All the dwarves had one goal: to find the villain! Guard mobilized all his Polers. Pigeon-keeper circled over the city in search of the goblin and the Railway Dwarfs were keeping an eye out so that he did not leave the city. Thanks to joint efforts the thief was caught quickly. The evidence found with him – cut flowers, dirty nails and shoes – left no doubt: he was guilty! You must also be aware that dwarves are not vindictive. Even thought they were angry, sad and resentful (you should have seen Botanist’s tears after he saw the destroyed plants), they knew that Goblin deserves a fair trial and appropriate punishment. The trial did not last long but enjoyed great popularity. The trial was followed by all the dwarves and Dwarf Executioner was sharpening his axe. The Council of the Dwarves with Papa Dwarf as the head quickly ruled the sentence and ordered a penalty. To the delight of the Green Pact the penalty was a lifetime helping planting and nurturing plants. The dwarves had high hopes that thanks to this penalty the Goblin would understand his mistake and more importantly, realize how much effort is required to care for nature.


You probably ask yourself what happened to the damaged flowers. Well, as we have mentioned earlier Dwarfs have their secrets. The Green Pact took them immediately to an underground hospital and luckily they managed to save them. Botanist’s jazz concerts were particularly helpful in the recovery process. Wroclaw filled up with greenery again, the news of the Goblin’s penalty spread around the whole world and nobody tried to steal the city’s happiness ever again.