A short tale about Mishap – a dwarf whose fame was faster than his legs

We will tell you a story … Not just a story and not about just anyone. Sit down comfortably and get to know closer one of the most mysterious dwarves in our city – Mishap. A dwarf who was on everyone’s lips before coming to Wrocław.

The dwarf looks… well … rather peculiar. He wears pyjamas and trainers on his feet. His chest is proudly decorated with a starting number. Apart from a traditional dwarf hat he also has a flashlight on his forehead. And we can assure you – he is far from being admitted as a patient in the dwarf hospital for those who are a bit confused in the head (there is such a hospital – one day we tell you all about it!). The remaining dwarves and citizens of Wrocław waited for the arrival of the dwarf with great interest and excitement. We only knew that he will arrive in the capital of Lower Silesia on June 17 that is on the day of the start of the 5th night half marathon.  Until some point, even his name was kept in strict secrecy. And you must know that his name, from the time when it was revealed, aroused a lot of confusion among the dwarves. Not to mention the citizens of Wrocław. Everywhere, on trams and buses, in cafes, shops and bus stops people asked the same question: “Why is he called Mishap?!”. And secondly, “What does his name have to do with running?” Well, we’ll be honest – not much.

Mishap told us a little bit about himself. He told us the story behind his name and why he chose the city. He also told us about his trip, who was the first Wrocław dwarf he met and also what he was looking for in Krupnicza Street …

The dwarf comes from a dwarf land somewhere on the border of Spain and Portugal. He told us that actually he has a different name and Mishap is a nickname that clung to him so hard that he does not use his real name anymore. Where did the nickname come from? Well the dwarf was not born under the happy star. Some people say is his life motto was “what you have to do today – do it tomorrow”. Therefore the dwarf has repeated classes in the dwarf school, he was always late with something, he missed buses, trains, did not get straight to college … just everything around him was a “mishap”.

His biggest greatest passion, that is running, is closely related with his bad luck. At some point, due to the number and magnitude of problems, the poor dwarf began to suffer from insomnia. Lemon balm, warm milk or counting sheep did not help. That is why our unfortunate dwarf decided to run out of trouble. When he was still in his pyjamas, he put on sports shoes, put his flashlight on his forehead and run forward. Over time, running became his way of life. He run marathons in Berlin, Dubai, New York, Tokyo. Oh, he was everywhere! During one of the marathons he met Jogger – a lovely lady dwarf from Wrocław, who stole his heart. It was then that he realized that he has to move to Wrocław. Of course, he also heard that dwarves from all over the world were coming to the city and the locals love to run. We will tell you that Mishap was supposed to appear in the capital of Lower Silesia 5 years ago. He cannot say himself why it did not happen earlier.

However, the moment of his move to Wrocław has finally come. Mishap left Spain and ran through France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Finally, under cover of night he reached Wrocław. When he crossed the city boundary he felt a great sense of relief. This time he was on time and everything … worked out. At first he got familiar with the Western part of the capital of Lower Silesia. He run around Leśnica and headed towards Legnicka Street. In spite of the late hour, he passed people who were walking and running. At that moment he relized that he found his place on Earth. The flashlight illuminated his path and he watched his dwarf colleagues. Finally, he reached Lotnicza Street, where he met a dwarf snoozing at the telecommunication tower. “What a sleeper” he thought and ran away. He was on Legnicka Street when he suddenly decided to turn into Rysia Street. There in a backyard, near a carpet hanger he met a charming dwarf. “What a peculiar dwarf”, he muttered under his breath. That’s a fact. Popovitch, because this is his name, stands proudly on a boulder, has a camera hung around his neck and holds a sign in his hand that points to the various districts of the city. And he’s not sleeping! This is how Mishap learned that he had just arrived in the geographic centre of Wrocław. From there it is not so far to the Olympic Stadium and it is even closer to Krupnicza Street … You must know that this is where Jogger lives. The dwarf reached this place as quickly as he could. And what next? Well.. nothing …There was no sign of Jogger. The Dwarf ran across the street a few, if not a dozen times and he also circled the surrounding squares and courtyards. What’s worse, no one knew what has happened to her. She lived on this street – it’s true.  People saw her often when she was running around Freedom Square. No one knew whether she left the city or just changed her place of residence… Mishap only sighed over his fate and headed for the Stadium. Although there was yet another mishap, he was happy that he had finally arrived at the city of hundred bridges. He believes that staying here will only bring him luck. If you are around you must say hi to Mishap and if you know what happened to Jogger please let us know as soon as possible. Let’s help the dwarf find his love!

During the daylight Mishap lives near the western grandstand of the Olympic Stadium. At the starting place of marathons and half marathons.  And at night? He is where his legs lead him.