150th birthday of Wroclaw ZOO! Photo report

zooA photo session in the spirit of the nineteenth century, screenings of an animated film about the history of the ZOO, contests with prizes and feeding the flock of lemurs, accompanied by a lecture. This is how the Wroclaw ZOO is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its creation.

The first guests visited the ZOO exactly on July 10, 1865. Since then, the place has changed. The biggest innovation is the Africarium, a significant part of which is still free.

In anticipation of the new animals, the staff of the ZOO have organized an anniversary celebration for the old part of the garden. Hence, most of the attractions are centered on the terrarium and lemur habitat. For two consecutive days (July 11 and 12), visitors to the ZOO can expect: competitions testing knowledge of the history of the ZOO and its inhabitants, promotion of a book published to commemorate the 150th anniversary and screenings of an animated film discussing the fate of the garden.

Not wanting to give too much away, one can learn some interesting facts from the film… For example, about how animals withstood the conditions of war and flood in 1997. However, most interesting is the story of gorillas that one day left their paddocks and walked around the garden until 7 am! The film can be seen in the conference room of Africarium.

On Friday (July 10), the ZOO has prepared two additional attractions for guests. Just today, on the paths of the garden one could meet three couples in nineteenth century costumes. What’s more, around 1 pm, the usual feeding of the animals was accompanied by a lecture about their habits. ZOO workers showed what lemurs eat: they explained that these animals feed on flower petals, fruit, nectar and sweet willow leaves both in the wild and in the ZOO.

It seems that the Lemurs not only look charming but also have a sweet tooth. We invite you to see pictures from the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Wroclaw ZOO.