Dwarves Will Be Guarding the Wroclaw Fair

As soon as this Friday, the market square will blaze with Christmas lights. During the Fair you will have a chance to taste real culinary delights, sweets as well as traditional warm meals. There are also going to be stalls selling small souvenirs – jewelry, ceramics, art and clothes. Moreover, you will have a perfect opportunity to purchase traditional hand-made Christmas decorations.

For children, we are preparing a special fairy-tale forest, where – as each year – they will be able to listen to tales or take a merry-go-round ride. The Fair will be guarded by large dwarves, which are one of the Wroclaw symbols. During the Fair you will have a chance to photograph yourself with them. There will also be reindeer together with the whole Santa Claus team and cart.

Adults are invited to enjoy their time with mulled wine served in traditional mugs as well as hot chocolate. The Fair begins on November 23rd and is going to last exactly one month – until December 23rd. At weekends you can expect special attractions and contests. The stalls are located all the way from the Swidnica Passage to the Solny Square.

On the main square there has already appeared Polish traditional cone-shaped Christmas tree which is going to blaze with lights at the beginning of December.