Dwarfs and students celebrated annual students festival

Ogorzałek w pelerynce Radia LUZ / fot. Radio LUZ

Twenty of Wroclaw dwarfs were disguised in orange little vests. Along with students they celebrated the annual student carnival and the handover of keys to the gates of the city event.

The event was organized by the University Radio LUZ. Just before the students’ parade, which each year heralds students’ festival, several dwarfs were given colorful capes with the radio’s logo.

Since students are taking over Wroclaw, which is dwarfs’ city, thereby we need to take over Wrocław dwarfs as well. – you can read on Facebook action profile.

The chosen dwarfs wearing capes were to inform passersby about who owns the city now. Since it belongs to students, many surprises have been prepared. You only needed to find one of the disguised dwarfs, take a photo with him (preferably a funny one) and publish it on the event’s site. The organizers will select most interesting and creative photos. The winners will be given Radio LUZ T-shirts and mugs. The best photos will also be awarded with free standing tickets for Laser Tag in Kwatera Główna.

The dwarfs which turned to the students’ side of the force are: Film Buff Jr., WrocLove, Beau Marilou, Studier, Page Grun-Vald, Hearty Barty, Lovely Luc, Clausy, Stewardie, Benevolent Ben, Butcher, Fencer, Busker, Herbie, Tanny, Dumpmak, Tourist, Artis Tripper, Withdrawer, Newsboy.