Dwarf Trail Tours. First one on this Friday!

The Wrocław dwarfs want to get to know you better and tell you some interesting stories about themselves. We will learn how the dwarfs came to Wrocław, solve some of their puzzles and together we will save Snow White.

Places on the earliest dwarfs tours are already fully booked, but you can still book later places on these fabulous trips. We invite you, therefore, to look at the trips section and choose the one whose theme suits you the most. And there is plenty to choose from!

In addition to the secret stories about how the first dwarfs came to our city, you will be able to play our game and explore the city. All dwarf seekers who have taken part in these activities in previous years know that this is no ordinary trip. There will be some serious family brain racking, you will need to have eyes in the back of your head and sometimes move quickly to solve all the dwarfs’ tasks. And this time, we will discover new secrets of Wrocław!

The „Saving Snow White” tour is a great game for young and old alike. We will all play the game together. Our game board will be the Old Town in Wrocław. The handsome Prince got lost somewhere, so the dwarfs have decided to take matters into their own hands and snatch Snow White from sleep. It is not so easy when you are little, and when your enemy is the evil stepmother and her witchcraft. We will help the dwarfs! Along the way, we will learn various codes, prepare a magic potion and we will have plenty of fun.

You are warmly invited to take part!
Wrocław Dwarfs