Dwarf Knowledge Fans Club

However, it would be unfair to conclude that this second type constitutes the ultimate majority. There are many dwarfs living in Wrocław whose main passions include reading books and acquiring knowledge. Those dwarfs established the first Polish (or even maybe worldwide) Dwarf Knowledge Fans Club.

The idea of setting up the club was raised by – as you can easily guess – the dwarf called Bibliofil (Bibliophile). His initiative soon gained the support of other well educated dwarfs. As you probably know, there are a lot of dwarfs in Wrocław who just adore reading books and studying – suffice it to name Ossolinek, Wykształciuch (Erudite), Ekonomek (Little Econom) or Żaczek (Young Student).

The members of Dwarf Knowledge Fans Club refute the common and unfair theory which says that their main activities include grabbing quick snacks and taking short afternoon naps.

Few times a month they meet in a secret place and discuss literature, art and scientific problems. All proposals and remarks are carefully written down by the club secretary – the dwarf called Żaczek (Young Student). We have heard from the well informed sources that the dwarfs are planning to publish a unique, one in the world Great Dwarf Universal Encyclopedia.