Dwarf Festival – Programme

Hello there, my dear Humans!

On behalf of all dwarves from Wrocław I invite you to our world. We have lived right next to each other for a quite a long time. You walk by us on the streets every single day. We can see your smiles and sorrows. It is time for you to look at our world.

For two whole days you may enter the dwarf reality and see the how fun it is to be a dwarf in Wrocław!


10:00 am – 8:00 pm – Dwarf Town on Słodowa Island.

Seven cottages, a small market square, a bit soap and sweets. Plenty flowers and much more grass, a lot of playing and smiles. The commonly known Słodowa Island will become like the world we live in.

Cottage no. 1 – is where you’ll meet the Shoemaker, a dwarf with heavy boots who’s eager to make some fancy décor on your’s…

Cottage no. 2 – here, our Taylor shows how to easily and quickly fix your clothes.

Cottage no. 3 – if you want to build a box for birds, but know nothing of glues and nails, you may ask a dwarf for help!

Cottage no. 4 – tales and tricks and legends, here you’ll learn why we help all Humans.

Cottage no. 5 – sweets and snacks, how to make them delicious?

Cottage no. 6 – take a dumpling people! Like them? Then grab another!

Cottage no. 7 – home of the mighty strong Lumberjack, who will show you what can you do with wood.

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm – fairy-tale-land at the Lower Silesia’s Public Library at Rynek 58We wonder if all children know the tales about dwarves. Or perhaps you’ll find the story of The Freezing Dwarf fascinating? Here we will learn both the known and unknown stories about our little friends. To make it even more interesting – we’ll learn a song.5:00 pm – opening of the exhibition “Big World” at the Market Square.

The Market Square is going to be filled with things that will take you to an imaginary world. Spontaneous performances of actors and interesting scenery will make us see from the eyes of a dwarf. Size is important here!

5:15 pm – great march from the Market Square to Słodowa Island.Some people take up swords – we prefer banners. For the sun should shine on all times and beards shan’t have to be long! The more of us will come, the better. Perhaps our wishes will be heard and the Market Square will lighten up with smiles!

6:00 pm – official opening of the Dwarf Town on Słodowa Island9:00 pm – an open festival party at Nietota Club, 50 Kazimierza Wielkiego Street. All people in dwarf hats get a surprise bonus!


10:00 am – 8:00 pm – Dwarf Town on Słodowa Island.

12:00 noon – dwarves’ bike tour from Solny Square to Słodowa Island.Big and small, slim and slightly rounder, muscular or no, all those who love the two wheels and the light wind in their hair is hereby called to appear at the given time and place. Helmets on and off we go! The route leads to a very special place – the dwarf town and all its fun!

12:00 noon – “Dwarfisations 2011” (Polish: Krasnalizacje 2011) cabaret improvisations review at Multikino Pasaż Grunwaldzki.

Here it comes! Squabbles and bold improvisations all from a great desire to win – that’s the plan for this year’s cabaret review. Winners will get the honour of performing at the evening gala. Cabarets that decided to join our review:Inicjatywa Sceniczna Fruuu Grupa AD HOC (Puk, Który, Chwilowo Kaloryfer, Róbmy Swoje, Ucho)Teatr Improwizowany KlancykDzieci z Bullerbyn (Kabaret z Konopi, Weźrzesz, Bruzda)Narwani z Kontekstu (Chyba, DABZ)Kwik (OTOooni, Nic Nie Szkodzi, Ymlaut)Dźwięk „Dż” (Stado Umtata, Kabaretus Fraszka, Kompania Grabi, Zygzak, Paralaksa)

2:30 – 4:30 pm – Fairy-tale land.

7:00 pm – II Dwarf Festival Cabaret Gala at Multikino Pasaż Grunwaldzki.

As you know our world is a tiny bit smaller than yours, so we made sure to provide some classy humour. Hope you’ll like it, because the guest stars are really special: Piotr Bałtroczyk, Łowcy.B and Supergrupa Improwizacyjna.

Tickets are available from September 23 at the Tourist Information Centre, Rynek 14.Prices are: 5 PLN (review) and 20 PLN (gala).