Dwarf fan photo – first gallery

More and more people keep on falling in love (reciprocated, shall we add) in the dwarves of Wrocław. No surprise, it’s hard to resist their charm. However, we weren’t fully aware of how much you liked taking pictures with them. Two Facebook contests were enough for our doubts to vanish. Now, we’re sure – photo camera is indispensable when searching for dwarves.

We’re very pleased with that as our sources close to Papa Dwarf maintain that dwarves are fond of being photographed and looking at their pictures on the Web. You have our whole support to continue on adding pictures to photo gallery krasnale.pl on Facebook.

In the meantime, we’ve already added the pictures that won the second Facebook contest for the most interesting picture in the company of the city’s dwarves to our gallery.   So much to see!

Dwarf Fan Gallery