Do you know how many dwarfs there are in Wrocław Central Station?

Little travelers are among us. And there are quite a lot of them – in Wrocław Central Station you will find four dwarfs. But among them there is another, hard to spot citizen of the town … guess where?

It might be said that the Central Station is home to 4.5 dwarfs. For the first four travelling dwarfs are fairly normal in size. Normal for dwarfs, of course. The fifth can fit in your hand. But let’s go step by step.

It is very easy to stumble across the first dwarf by going towards the main entrance. Stumble across or just stumble over, since he is shamelessly lying on the grass sunbathing. Or he has his head in the clouds, depending on his mood and the weather. He is looking at the sky with dreamy eyes and thinking of long journeys and far-away adventures.

It’s surprising that he has not yet gotten bedsores from all that resting, but on the other hand – was anyone ever hurt by more than enough relaxation?

Dwarfs do have hard days, especially in winter. It is difficult to see a slice of sky through the heavy layer of snow. That is why, from the spring on, the dwarf starts catching up with counting the clouds in the sky, counting each one twice.

Some brave folks claim that the dwarf also plays a role in education. For he shows tourists and Wrocław residents the proper way to wait for a train. On a clean lawn, of course. It is a pity though that he does not remind travelers not to fall asleep. A missed train is not an easy matter, but … who cares when you still have so many clouds to count?

Nearby, another dwarf is watching his big suitcase. And there is everything in it: starfish from holidays in Pobierowo, a purse filled with gold from a mine in Złoty Stok, a box of gingerbread from Toruń and a few pretzels from Kraków. The supply of the latter is slowly coming to an end as these delicacies get picked away at. But more on that in a moment (and there is a lot to tell!).

Anyway, the dwarf is sticking firmly to this huge suitcase and there is no sign of his leaving this place anytime soon. It’s convenient. There is a beautiful view of the renovated train station, ideal for looking at those silly people running to catch their train. As if it was impossible to come earlier and peacefully wait on the grass, as his dwarf neighbour does.

He has company here after all. Every now and then there are sparrows and pigeons sitting on his suitcase and making his days pleasant by their happy cooing. Or chirping, if you like. They do not want crumbs from him. They know that pretzels are not a simple matter. However, sometimes the dwarf shares with them, especially in winter, when people are not too happy to give away their own pretzels.

In the main hall of the station the situation is ever so slightly different. Here there is hurry — tickets flying around and no time to count clouds or nibble pretzels. Even if you are in no hurry, you are still in a hurry, because others are in a hurry. What kind of fun is it to stand and look at people who are in a hurry? Yes, you fit in, but it is worth noting that the dwarfs have it quite easy here. And certainly easier than people. No need to buy a ticket at the box office because they simply cannot reach it. And hardly anyone will notice a little dwarf on the train. And even though they know that riding without a ticket is a little inelegant, they travel anyway. There has never been a case of someone picking up a dwarf for being a fare dodger. In any case, such a fellow is a rarity.

So a dwarf runs into the station with a suitcase, quickly buys a small espresso – he still wants to have a bath in a cup before the trip, but time is running out, he has to hurry. On the platform he attempts to climb the stairs, but climbing is good entertainment only for the more athletic dwarfs, so, like a civilized dwarf, he takes advantage of the luggage lift. Someone accidentally crushes him with a suitcase, which results in a broken nail, at which the dwarf snorts loudly. No one can hear him, however, because the train announcements are flooding out of the speakers. Hop to it! Finally in place! On the way!

A platform away there is quite another situation. Quietly, almost imperceptibly, a she-dwarf is standing by a barrier — one of the few female dwarfs in this city, which is worth noting. She is deftly swinging a rail lollipop, as if she was trying to guide the routes of trains, but the problem is that trains are too big, and she is so small. And when such a colossus enters the station, it is scary to get anywhere near the tracks as, however you come to think of it, a dwarf can easily be blown away. Sometimes, the trains on both tracks leave a platform at the same time and occasionally the little she-dwarf floats in the air for a while. It’s a brief moment, really, but you tell me what other dwarf in this city is able to fly!

Therefore, even knowing that her work is not very useful (because there are train conductors much bigger than this small she-dwarf), she still toils on bravely, enjoying those moments when the wind lifts her off the ground.

Now you are probably wondering about the fifth dwarf? He’s there. Sure he is – he lives like the other four in the Central Station. I myself saw him only yesterday! In fact, he can fit in your hand. Quite theoretically, of course, because this little one absolutely does not allow himself to be taken away from his activity.

And he loves to sit in the suitcase! Yes, the one filled with pretzels, gold and starfish. He hangs around for days in the luggage of his bigger dwarf friend. He makes sure that the pretzels are in order, and the gold in the purse has not evaporated under mysterious circumstances (if the owner of the suitcase is visited by pigeons). It’s magpies who peck the little one, as they are always greedy for small, shiny objects; and being pecked by magpies, I think you will all agree, is very tiring,). It looks as if this one has spent quite a few centuries doing what he does, because his face is adorned with a long beard and heavy glasses lie on his nose. From the side he looks more like a smurf – but do not mention that to him! He does not like this comparison, honestly — yesterday I almost lost my fingers when I jokingly alluded to that similarity.

This small dwarf is not very talkative. I would venture to say that the starfish from Pobierowo is more chatty, even though already quite dried up. But do not lose hope, the small dwarf often snorts with anger and sighs with satisfaction. At least there is no problem with his mood.